Friday, August 24, 2007

Excel Chart copying, pasting, and resizing - what's wrong with it

If you've pasted excel charts into slides, you've battled the "smart" auto-resizing features of excel charts. It will semi-randomly resize font sizes as you resize it. If you are pasting many excel charts in the same deck, inevitably you have to spend time re-adjusting all of them to make them consistent in sizing. Depending upon the type of chart, the legend location, the title and axes titles, the adjusted font size can all vary between charts. Excel should allow you to set a "standard" resize size for charts, or to fix font sizes as the graph resizes.

Similarly (I just noticed this while constructing an example data sheet for this site), if you want to copy & paste a chart inside a single excel sheet (for example, two charts types of the same data, or just two charts that you want the same size) Excel complicates life for you - if you paste the same chart into the same sheet, it does so, but at about 60% of the size of the original.

[Update: Turns out there is a way to fix Excel's font auto-resizing in charts.

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Anonymous said...

For the resizing of the whole chart when copying you have to make sure that your zoom is 100%. Then, and only then, excel will create a copy in the same size.



Friday, August 24, 2007