Friday, September 28, 2007

Excel In Cell Charting Examples and Camera Tool

I recently ran across in-cell charting as a visualization tool and was very impressed with how intuitive it is. Juice analytics (link here) gave a great overview and then users piled on with other examples. I was interested in trying this out and so I put together an excel workbook with some examples of in-cell charting.

In-chart graphs show the relative magnitude of values in a set, like the above chart. The length of the bar corresponds to the amount of size of $.

The graph cell has structure of =REPT("|",A2/1000). It takes the value to the left, divides it by 1000, and then repeats the | character that number of times.

Once you internalize the rules, you can quickly do some more interesting things, like the below.

Some other examples are dot plots, and even distribution curves for different data sets (min, mean, max, etc).

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Unknown said...

I love it. Very neat idea to get some quick graphic info into a sheet.

Friday, September 28, 2007