Monday, October 1, 2007

Other Consultant Blogs

[Update - I ran across Crazy Consultant and Covert Consultant recently, and have added them below.]
[Update 2- I added Corporate Whore.]

David Shu's done a very good job of capturing the dearth of management consulting blogs here, here, and here. I've done my own scan and come to the similar conclusion. Essentially the world of blogging and management consulting comes together into the following segmentation.

The gray-beard talking about the Big Picture

These are old, or younger, consultants pontificating about the real value of consulting or the world's business trends. No real difference between this and reading business week editorials. While some of it is really insightful thinking it doesn't talk about the day-to-day business of consulting.

The Company Blogroll

Either one blog, or a list of links to blogs of consultants of that firm. Near as I can tell nothing is discussed that covers the tactics & day-to-day life of consulting, anything juicy or fun.The Bitter Ex-Consultant

People no longer in the business who blog about other stuff and occasionally mention their old consulting careers. Current Consultants who talk about relevant stuffLiterally, these 5 blogs are the ONLY ones I could find with interesting content, after a few wasted hours of searching. If I'm missing an interesting source, please let me know.

Note: I'm ignoring all those thousands of tech consultants at ACN, IBM, etc that are not in management consulting. Sorry guys, you have a consulting title but implementing SAP again and again doesn't count as management consulting.


Unknown said...

Hey - very cool blog! Thanks for sharing those tips.

Consultant Ninja said...

Thanks Cherif! I share em if I got em...

Monday, October 1, 2007