Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wedding Registry Crap

A Guy’ Guide to Wedding Registry Crap

I was recently married, and as a guy, I really couldn’t care less what kind of flowers would be perfect for our wedding. My tuxedo was black with a white shirt. However, as someone who recently went through the wedding system, I have a couple of pieces of advice for doing the wedding registry.

1) Honeymoon funds: Asking for money only is seen as tacky, but if you have a normal registry and a honeymoon fund registry, it’s seen as more ok (this is in the East Coast at least). We used, since all the others look much nicer but charge you 5-12% transaction fees. Nothing says thanks to a guest like making them pay $10 to a 3rd party company for each $100 they give you.

2) Pots & Pans: Go with All-Clad. You’re buying pots that will last you 30 years, so may as well get the nearly best there is. They have the MC2 (masterchef 2 – brushed aluminum), stainless steel, copper core, and then all copper, in rising order of cost. We went with the MC2, since it’s a) the cheapest, b) the brushed look will absorb abuse while being less noticeable, and c) we’re not good enough cooks or snobs to be able to say that we can tell a difference in cooking performance between different types.

3) Knives: You have German (Wusthof & Henckel) and Asian (Shun, etc). They’re all expensive. Just get a block set, maybe 7 piece, based upon what feels & looks best to you. Use for the next 15 years of your life.

4) Everything Else: Let your wife choose, but delete the most outlandish things that you know you'll never need.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007