Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Call of Duty 4, or Guitar Hero 3 Today?

These are the crucial questions that confront a strategy consultant on the beach. Thank God I'm not a banker; every one of them I know has lost their job, may lose their job, or got their bonuses hacked. All I have to deal with is deciding whether to use the M249 SAW or the R700 sniper rifle on team deathmatch.

I am catching up on all my half finished posts constructed over the past 10 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, how do you like COD4?
Might have a bench day next week to fill as well, and the friendly game store is not too far off the route from the airport :-D

Consultant Ninja said...


COD4 is the best game I played since Warcraft III back in 2001. Single player is intense, and multiplayer never ends.

COD4 was made by infinity labs, as was the awesome COD2. COD3 was made by treyarch, which is why it sucked.

When I first played the game I ended up going for 7 hours straight. It's brilliant.

Unknown said...

COD4, get your M16 out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008