Thursday, September 18, 2008

Classic Consulting Quotes (Chapter 4, Part III)

[Scene: Open workspace at the firm's* office.]

The Following Tuesday.

Timmy's search for competitive intelligence on a CPG competitor to the client has been found out, and his ear was chewed out over the phone by the VP of the target firm's sales & marketing organization.  Timmy did the only thing he could do; refer him to his engagement manager.  

His engagement manger got the same call from the target firm's VP, and did the only thing he could do; he referred him to his partner.  The partner duly referred the angry VP, who is by this point starting to issue legal threats, to the head office partner.  The head partner somehow defused the situation, with two quotes that nicely tie this long story together.

[Note to self: shit sometimes does flow uphill.]

Quote #1:  To the angry VP of the target firm, from our firm's partner:  "I'm very sorry.  This was a rogue consultant, and he will be dealt with appropriately."

Quote #2:  To Timmy, from our firm's partner:  "Don't worry about it.  Listen, for these next round of phone calls, we want you to focus on this other company.  Try not to give out your phone number."

[Other note to self: never answer a random phone call asking about my company.]

* True quote, but from from a previous life and firm.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008