Friday, January 23, 2009

I just get so scared, scared of being a nobody

Kevin Gao is right, I was being a jerk. His case study example is flat out wrong, but I don't need to pick on him about it.  We all make mistakes - me, more often than most as my wife can attest - and it doesn't help to be arrogant about it.

I am suffering a bitter week, since I have an all-day meeting on Friday at the client site, which, due to the location, requires me to take a Friday night red-eye flight home. Oh, and guess who gets to fly out on Sunday night to the client for a Monday morning meeting? Me! The joys of client service.


Anonymous said...

You're the one flat out wrong, be a man, admit you didn't RTFM ;)

Anonymous said...

This topic is dead. All the same - it's unfortunate you still can't admit that it wasn't even a case study - just examples of the rights and wrongs of tackling sizing questions.

It's tough to be wrong when there was no answer provided.

At least you post regularly. Enjoy your Sunday night flight.

KevinB said...

I think there's space for increased levels of internet fighting among consultants, and for that reason I salute you Mr. Ninja. I also think an analyst with any foresight would refrain from provoking ninjas who are renown for their lethal and merciless counterattacks. Perhaps he lacked the proper case-study?

Friday, January 23, 2009