Friday, January 9, 2009

My 2008 Year in Numbers

Nights spent away from home: 159 (43.6% of all nights in 2008)

Miles flown: 87,589

Airline elite statuses acheived: 2

Airports visited: 17

AMEX charges billed to the client: $83,296

Countries visited: 4

CEOs talked to: 3

Projects worked on: 8

Project Summaries:
1) Due diligence for a heavy manufacturer looking to acquire a competitor (Answer: Proceed with formal negotiations)

2) Risk assessment for proposed development of a new product that requires significant multi-year investment (Answer: Don't build it, you won't make your cost of capital)

3) Product cost assessment for a heavy manufacturer looking to understand the fully-loaded cost of their product (Answer: Your product is made of x, y, z, n, m, o, and p costs. Now use the data as an enabler for cost-reduction initiatives.)

4) Market assessment for a diversified manufacturer looking for higher growth (Answer: You are in the slow-growth segments of the market, and must acquire other firms to capture higher growth areas)

5) Private Equity due diligence on a small heavy manufacturer (Answer: Don't buy the company)

6) Private Equity due diligence on an equipment maintenance company (Answer: Buy the company)

7) Private Equity due diligence on a repair services company (Answer: Buy the company)

8) Organizational Strategy for a diversified publicly traded firm seeking to cut costs (Answer: Centralize functions)

Personal Stats:

Epic powder days: 2

Luxury handbags purchased by wife: 14

Pounds gained: -2 (I was pretty fat last year, due to excessive steaks and whisky during a project in Texas)

Call of Duty 4 skill level: 55, bitches!


KevinB said...

C. Ninja -

Based on your own family consumption patterns, it would be interesting to know whether the hand bag sector or computer gaming sector have higher margins or returns on investment.

Additionally, myself and a mutual friend from Colorado will be in Texas next month running the hills of Austin. Perhaps steaks and whiskey are in order?

Acctg ninja

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my video, "Ninja Business Commandos"


Anonymous said...

Why is how many handbags your wife bought one of your own personal stats?

Anonymous said...

on 2)

what kind of financial analysis did you employ to come up with the final recommendation? any chance you used real options?

Friday, January 9, 2009