Wednesday, April 1, 2009

US Industries in a World of Shit

I was thinking about broken US industries this evening. For some reason, saying an industry is "broken" just doesn't do it justice. Suddenly my mind made a low-associative barrier link to Private Pyle, and for some crazy reason, it made sense.

Industries in a World of Shit:
1) Investment Banking
2) Health Care
3) Auto Manufacturing
4) Defense Procurement
5) Management Consulting
6) Real Estate
What other industries would make this list?

PS I wish this was an April Fool's Joke, but sadly it's not.


Chris said...

But how many bankers have the onions to pull off a murder-suicide?

Not sure consulting has a place on this list. It's tough sledding but this is the bottom of the cycle. I'm not sure there's a structural shift in the consulting market. The other industries - plus energy and utilities - all face massive regulatory re-forms that will require completely new business models.

If anything management consulting is set for a new growth phase.

Consultant Ninja said...

... after a 40% contraction.

Joseph Greiner said...

Chalk up regulated and unregulated Utilities

Chris said...

Management consulting does have swift, brutal down cycles. This one is particularly acute due to timing - the normal seasonal lull in Q4 followed by an extended client budgeting cycle in Q1 in reaction to official pronouncement of the recession.

So the 40% data point may be a timing artifact - demand is delayed, not destroyed. Activity already appears to be picking up in certain industries for specific services.

That's a very different story than the regulatory changes every other industry on your list are likely to experience.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009