Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What am I doing? Well, nothing.

I fear I'm losing the ability to actually get things done. After years of making slides and doing analysis, I am starting to wonder if I could actually get something done. Like grow a plant from a seed to harvest.

At one point I was an entrepreneur, and every day I got stuff done. Actual products, actual service, actual value to clients.

A friend of mine is opening up a store in Manhattan - over the weekend we talked about his business plan over beers. I looked through the financials, the marketing plan, the exit strategy, and saw it was pretty light. This stuff isn't this guy's strong suit, he admits. But he wasn't worried, because he just knew, with total confidence, how to bring customers in and make them happy. And I believe he will succeed, because of his confidence and competence.

I walked away from the bar thinking that if a consultant were in his shoes, they would craft a beautiful business plan... but they wouldn't know how to actually get customers in and how to make them happy.


Clem said...

Reading your blog for some years now, never been an actual "consultant", but an "insider consultant", shifting (right here, right now) from that position to entrepreneur and.... your damn article so making sense.
Actually scratching my head off to build a business plan than could contest on a McKinsey tournament... and getting pretty much nothing done.
obseting me, harassing me, obsessing me actually.

question would be: what's the way out of that circle ?

sorry to bother you 'bout that, just needed to have that out.

keep on with the blog, still picturing myself in your writing, enjoying it from Paris!!!

Consultant Ninja said...


Stop planning, start doing, then revise and keep doing.

That's what I'd do. That's what I'll need to do when I break out of this current situation. Best of luck.

Ref: OODA Loop

NumbaJockey said...

Like Consultant Ninja said, there is great advice from Jack Welch in his book "Winning":

"Forget the endless scenario
planning, yearlong studies, and hundred-page reports. In real life, strategy is very straightforward. You
pick a general direction and implement like hell. If you want to win, ponder less, and do more!"

There's a lot of money in prolonging a problem, telling the client what they already know, not taking the steps to solve it, and just sprinkling in some buzzwords. The client most of the time however isn't ready or doesn't want to admit they have to make the necessary change if you do give them a course of action. Like Nike, just do it.

Res I(p)sa said...

Sounds like a partnership made in heaven to me... And maybe you can hire me as your lawyer or something.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009