Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"But the economic downturn hasn’t shelved expansion plans for career Web site, which on Tuesday, June 23, unveiled a multimillion-dollar revamp." - Workforce Traffic Popularity, from Note the log scale.
"The new Vault represents the first major redesign of the site since 2001. Late in 2007, private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) purchased a majority stake in the successful career information company. At the same time, Mr. Sorenson, a media industry veteran of NBC, CBS and Fox, took the Vault helm. Mr. Sorenson is charged with unlocking the considerable potential of the brand and business – and taking it to the next level of growth.

VSS, a New York-based media-focused investment firm, has further capitalized the company since the purchase to underwrite the additional investment in technology.
- Business Wire
They got their spike in demand, only it went in the wrong direction. The PE guys are going to be pissed that they got suckered into re-upping; I wish I could see the business case justification on this one.

I suspect the poor design, slow performance, and frequent shutdowns can be traced to nobody working the linkages between the executives who were strategically visioning and the programmers who had to execute on it. The sad part is, the programmers will probably get the blame when it's really the executives' fault. Guess who made sure the links are cornflower blue?

If Naomi Newman is reading this, give us the inside scoop. Who fucked up?


Anonymous said...

By slapping the beta tag on the website they bought themselves another year to clean up this sacrilege.

eric schmidt said...

I used to visit the discussion boards for info on specific companies I was interested in applying to. It is now impossible to use and I've stopped going to the site.

Jon F. said...

Isn't that scale upside down, showing they increased traffic 4x?

Consultant Ninja said...


That's Alexa's Traffic Rank for the site. A smaller number is better (for example, is ranked #1, this site is ranked #2,616,002).

Anonymous said...

I agree the site has issues, and it has crashed on me several times, but I still consider their info to be some of the best available. Also, I read Naomi's blog fairly often. Why you got to call her out like that?

Consultant Ninja said...


What do you mean? I don't blame Naomi. I just figure she reads this blog, and would be able to share an internal perspective on what's happening with the site.

Anonymous said...

Ha, my bad. I misread your post there and the end.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009