Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pity the Poor Honduran Army

"Root for the guerillas. Current prez is a douche." - Text from Banker Ninja, former resident of Honduras

Honduran Military, wetting their panties

I have a simple method to measure civilian protests.

In Rich countries (US, UK, Italy, France), I support the government. I remember in my undergrad days reading in the school paper about these students who spent their summer traveling all over the US protesting various causes. "Must be nice," I thought, as I headed to my summer internship that paid for my state-school education. Rich country protesters are typically obnoxious, over-educated in low-utility topics, and have poor body odor.

In Poor countries, I support the protestors. Everybody I've met in developing countries (Mexico, Vietnam, Peru, Honduras) has been kind and hard-working. I side with them.

Honduran Military, playing war with an unloaded M-16A1

So in the current Honduras situation, I root for the people. However in this case I also feel pity, for the poor Honduran army enlistees, who are stuck in the middle. Guns are no match for sticks and stones.

Honduran Military, gathering intelligence

Honduran Military, sustainment brigade

Source: The Big Picture

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Listen I`m Honduran and they can kick your craker A-S-S ok

Tuesday, July 7, 2009