Saturday, September 19, 2009

Information Visualization Irony

I wouldn't let a 22-year old analyst get away with publishing a chart like this. What stupidity.

Stephen Few's commenters excoriate this chart, rightfully so:

"BO is not a business "intelligence" tool. It is a presentation tool, overly simplistic in capability and overly complicated in execution. It lacks functionality and an efficient UI, and is overpriced." - Andy Holaday

"It's a cascading hierarchy of awfulness, which almost makes it challenging to critique!" - Tim Wilson

"But it’s not just the people with the purse strings who will buy something because its a) pretty, b) expensive and c) they’ve heard of it." - N Barrett


The ANALyst said...

You wont believe how popular BO is becoming with clients, because it looks pretty!!!

Although to their credit (and that of the consulting firms) BO is usually recommended as an add-on to a real BI tool.

BTW I did have a few first year analysts present a report like this to me. It resulted in me giving them an hour long talk on "expectations".

Unknown said...

Curious of what the final "expected" chart looked like :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009