Friday, September 4, 2009

There goes my bonus....

From: Jennifer Dziubeck
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2009
Subject: Introducing Luna Boston Personal Shopping- By Invitation Only!
To: Mrs. Ninja

Dear Mrs. Ninja,

You’ve been a fabulous customer at over the years, and to show our thanks, we’re extending you a special invitation for our brand new VIP Personal Shopping Service. Available to just a select few customers, this complimentary service is an amazing opportunity to purchase handbags from your favorite Luna Boston designers that aren’t available on our website or in our store.
Yes, my bonus did come through.

Side note: Did you know that people (like the above model) who appear to be breathing through their mouth (aka "mouth-breathers") are generally perceived as having lower intelligence? What does it say that most fashion pictures of women have them posing with their mouth open?


Joseph Greiner said...

On an optimistic note,handbags retain their value (somewhat).

Res I(p)sa said...

I'll make sure to keep my mouth shut, then.

Friday, September 4, 2009