Monday, November 18, 2013 Success Metrics - Net Promoter Score

Ignoring the signup/website experience, I'm curious about the customer satisfaction and actual value from the core product.  Interestingly I've seen zero data (though plenty of anecdotes) to support either direction.

I'd like to run a separate survey targeting just people who have signed up.  I'd just ask 4 questions:

1) Did you have health insurance prior to getting insurance via [Yes/No]

2) If so, how are your health insurance premiums compared to your prior plans?
[significantly less / somewhat less / about the same / somewhat higher / significantly higher]

3) How much is the subsidy / year that you are receiving via
[none / $0-1K / $1K-2K/ $2-5K / >$5K]

4) How likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to your friends and colleagues?

Since the government won't do anything like this for months (if at all), I wonder if there's an outside way to run this survey?  Hmm...

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Monday, November 18, 2013